2012-07-15 - Uploaded database v1.4

2012-05-11 - Uploaded database v1.3

2011-07-14 - Uploaded database v1.2

2011-04-12 - Uploaded database v1.1

2010-09-20 - Uploaded database v1.0 and refreshed a few pages

2010-08-24 - Added a few more screenshots

2010-06-06 - Added a few screenshots


Change log v1.4:
- Added leader biographies
- Added leader pictures
- Improved leader window - names are now clickable to load biography and picture (if existing)
- Units commanded in the leader window are also clickable. Clicking takes you to the main screen with the clicked unit preselected
- Added 776 CSA biographies, 549 CSA leader pictures, 1590 US biographies & 1051 US leader pictures
- Corrected and expanded a lot of leader names
- Added a lot of post, district & department commands
- Added ~200 nicknames
- Added "unique identifier" which is used to diffrentiate two persons with the same first, last & middlename.
- Corrected many errors


Change log v1.3:
- Remove hundreds of duplicate names

- Corrected hundreds of errors

- Expanded a lot of first names (a lot still remain, especially confederate)


Change log v1.2:
- Added, fixed and updated lots of units from Alabama, Mississippi

- Fixed hundreds of filenames to make opening regimental histories & OOB's from within the frontend work


Change log v1.1:

- Removed hundreds of duplicate names

- Fixed hundreds of errors and misspelled names 

- It's now possible to open an OOB by clicking an engagement

- Updated interfaces and fixed some functions

- Added a vanilla version for Access 2000

- Added a abbreviations file

- Updated the readme file


Change log v1.0:

First version of the database so no changes :-)

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