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For many years I have been working on compiling a database including as many units and leaders as I can find information about.


It basically began because I couldn't find any existing database with all the information I needed, which was a searchable index of all units and all leaders of the civil war.


To begin with the database was mainly for my own interest and nothing I thought of ever publishing. However as the database grew and became more and more accurate I thought it could be of interest for others as well.

The database now contains over 200'000 records in several thousand unique units.


I do not in any way claim to be 100% accurate. I've often been faced with confusing, conflicting or misspelled names and units. In these cases I've checked several different sources and tried to come up with the most likely version of the truth. However this will sometimes be incorrect as well since the most likely solution isn't always the correct one. If something in the database is obviously wrong, please drop me a note and I'll fix it.


My sources have mainly been Civil War Soldiers & Sailors, Ken Jones, Shotguns civilwar, Civil War Battles homepage, Civil War Rosters, Mycivilwar.com and Dyer’s & Crute’s compendiums.


I've also used the Official Records of the War of Rebellion which many of the other sources also have as a base for their work.

Many other sources have also been used but the above are the main ones.






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